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How it work

How it works

We connect travelers with people who want products and do not want to pay much. With safety and convenience for both parties .


You want to buy a product ?


You can match the seller to ship the product when you reach your country.


Your payment is retained in our system,to confirm that the product received .

Register the product or look for a traveler
Receive proposals
Agreement signed
You pay for the product and shipping
The traveler purchase, and transport the product
You release the money


Do you have a scheduled journey ?


You only realize the purchase, when you receive the information that the money is already with us.

Business with Pleasure

Earn money while traveling ,selling empty space in your suitcase .

Register your trip or find your products that you can take
Receive proposals or submit your proposal
After the agreement the buyer pays for the product and shipping
You receive an email confirming payment
You buy, transport and delivery or send to the destination country
money is released by the buyer